PTOR452/PTOR 0348/PTOR 0453 – Physical Therapy traumatology/sports injury

Course lecturer :

Prof. Dr. Ashraf R. Hafez

Course assistant :

Dr. Al Hassan Mortada
Dr. Fayrouz Moustafa

Course objectives :

these courses enable the student independently examine, reexamine, diagnose, and put the plan of treatment of the patient work line with traumatic injury of musculoskeletal and sports injury problems

Course description :

These courses enable the student to independently examine and reexamine a patient or client with traumatic injury of muscloskeletal and sport injuriey problems by obtaining a pertinent history from the patient or client and from other relevant sources, by performing relevant systems review, and by selecting appropriate age-related tests and measures. Lab emphasizes on synthesizing examination data to complete the physical therapy evaluation and engage in the Physical Therapy diagnostic process, design a plan of care, and implement it, writing progress notes and change plan of care according to patient condition.

Course assessment :

Total Marks 300
Final exam 100
Midterm 30
Quizzes 10
Assignment 10
Clinical exam 50
Oral exam 50
practical exam 50

Recommended text books :

musculoskeletal examination,

Recommended refrences :

therapeutic exercise foundations and techniques