PTBA 337 – Clinical Psychology

Course lecturer :

Dr.Thanaa Anwar Nasr

Course assistant :

Course objectives :

1 – To identify the concepts and principles and theories of the curriculum. 2. Identify good diagnostic methods. 3 – Identify the relationship between the psychologist and the patient and the efficiency of the psychologist. 4 – To identify the theories of psychological therapy and sedition. 5 – Identify the types of neurosis and psychosis and personal disorders.

Course description :

1 – This science studies many types of mental and mental disorders. 2 – Interested in the diagnosis of mental functions. 3 – Clinical psychology integrates theories and principles of scientific psychology and clinical knowledge to understand the nature of anxiety and psychological stress and mental disorders and resulting in the dysfunction and work on the mitigation and overcome, and treatment and resistance through clinical examination. 4 – To increase the efficiency of psychological services provided to psychiatric patients in many areas: diagnosis, prediction, guidance, rehabilitation, guidance, treatment, to prevent mental disorders and mental illness and access to psychological compatibility

Course assessment :

10% Assignment. 20% Mid-term written exam. 70% Final-term written exam

Recommended text books :

لويس كامل مليكة عام 2010,علم النفس الاكلينيكي ,دار الفكر,القاهرة;عبد الستار ابراهيم وعبدالله عسكر 2012 علم النفس الاكلينيكي في ميدان الطب النفسي , الانجلو المصرية , القاهرة;سيد الطواب,احمد صالح ,نبيلة مخائيل , هويدا حنفي 2002:الصحة النفسية و علم النفس الاجتماعي والتربية الصحية

Recommended refrences :

علم النفس الاكلينيكي تاليف صفوت فرج علم النفس الاكلينيكي في مجال الطب النفسي تاليف عبد الستار ابراهيم