Prof. Nourhan Fanaky, the Vice President of Pharos University for Education and Student Affairs, attended the 12th edition of the Conference of Rectors in the Middle East Region (La Conférence des Recteurs de la Région du Moyen-Orient (CONFREMO)) which was convened on 1-2 December 2019 at Alexandria University. This conference was held under the auspices of the Francophone University Association (L’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie) (AUF). Rectors of about 60 universities in the Middle East Region participated in this conference.

This was a two-day conference intended to foster discussion and exchange ideas about how to run universities and the difficulties the rectors may encounter in the realm of higher education in the Middle East Region. The CONFREMO Conference opened up opportunities to develop partnerships and networks between higher education institutions all over the world and international, regional and local organizations. The conference also witnessed a fruitful collaboration between the heads of the member associations to discuss the projects implemented by CONFREMO through three workshops convened at the first day of the conference on artificial intelligence, cyber security and big data.

Then, CONFREMO members convened a closed-door general assembly to discuss the main issues and challenges in running universities in the Middle East Region. They also approved the conference new statute that was proposed by CONFREMO. At the end of the assembly, the members made some suggestions for the location of the CONFREMO headquarters.

In continuation of the projects and activities launched by the CONFREMO Conference, a scientific day was organized about applying digital strategy at universities to discuss the role of digitalization in the strategies of organizations among the participant rectors of universities as well as the heads and representatives of the academic institutions. This was held in the presence of a panel of experts from Cyprus, Iraq, Jordan, France, Egypt and Lebanon.