PL 104 – Psychology

  • Dr. Rasha Madbouly
  • Dr.Ayat el –demiry

Course lecturer

Marwa Mohamed

Course assistant

To provide students with basic concepts of social psychology, medical sociology and interpersonal communication which relate to the pharmacy practice system that involves patients, pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals.

Course objectives

The Course present to the students different principles, theories and vocabulary of psychology as a science.

Course description

Assessment form :

  • Mid-term exam: 20%  20Marks
  • Course work : 30%  30Marks
  • Final Written exam: 50%  50Marks

Course assessment

– Wade, C. & Tavris, C. (2011). Invitation to psychology (5th Ed.) New York: – Pearson.

– Baron, R.A., Kalsher, M. J., & Henry, R. A. (2008). Psychology: From science – To practice (2nd Ed.).

Recommended text books

• American Psychological Association

• Association for Psychological Science

Recommended refrences