PHR 587 – Pediatric Drug Therapy

  • Prof. Dr. Inas Darwish
  • Dr. Nesrine Saeid El-Mezayen

Course lecturer :

  • T.A. Mohammed Salah

Course assistant :

The course aims at differentiating between pediatric and adult pharmacy and reporting the physiological alterations associated with children which may affect pharmacotherapy. In addition, the course aims at identifying the common and major pediatric illnesses.

Course objectives :

This course involves identification different physiological changes in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics associated with pediatric- aged group, explaining the major adverse drug reactions and interactions in children, identifying major pediatric illnesses, endocrinological problems, GIT disorders, neurological disorders and their lines of treatment as well as identifying drugs used to treat respiratory diseases focusing on bronchial asthma and explaining drugs used in pediatric emergency.

Course description :

Course assessment: (Total marks = 200) Assignments / Quizzes: ——— 60 marks Midterm exam: ——— 40 marks Final exam: ——— 100 marks

Course assessment :

  • Nelson textbook of pediatrics, 19th edition. Robert M. Kliegman, Bonita M.S. tanton, Joseph St. Geme, Nina Schor& Richard E. Behrman. (Eds.). Elseiver (2011)
  • Textbook of clinical pediatrics. 2nd edition. Elzouki AY., Harfi H.A., Nazer H., Stapleton F.B., Whitley R.J.(Eds.). Springer. (2012)

Recommended text books :

  • Broadribb\’s introductory pediatric nursing. 7th edition. Nancy T. Hatfield (Editor). Lipincott .Williams & wilkins.Philadelphia. (2007)
  • Katzung BG, Trevor AJ, editors. Basic & clinical pharmacology (12th edition). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill 2015

Recommended refrences :