PHR 555 – Applied Industrial Hygiene

  • Dr Faika Ibrahim
  • Dr Yasmine Shahin

Course lecturer

Ph Heba Osama

Course assistant

At the end of this section the student is expected to: 1. Define industrial hygiene terminology. 2. List occupational hazards. 3. Identify safety in pharmacy as well as the rules and Regulations of Regulatory agencies 4. Recognize chemical, biological hazards, mechanical, explosive and fire hazards. 5. Interpret the principles of the toxicology and address workplace health issues. 6. List the prevention and control measures against the chemical, biological, mechanical, explosive and fire hazards. 7. Compare industrial hazards in workplaces. 8. Suggest general engineering, administrative and hygienic controls for each type of hazards. 9. Apply basics of industrial hygiene on pharmacy field work.

Course objectives

This course is designed to develop a basic understanding of Industrial Hygiene terminology. Promote safe work practices in the pharmacy for all employees who prepare and administer pharmaceutical agents and identify principles regarding overview of occupational hazards and their modes of entry. Minimize occupational exposure to these agents because of the risk of adverse health effects.

Course description

Assessment form grade: 

  • course work : Every week /10 grade /5%
  • Interactive learning Every week / 20 grade  /10%
  • Assignment in computer lab : at week 2 /  10 grade /5%
  • Mid-term exam : at week 8&9 /  40 grade / 20%
  • Quiz : at week 11 / 10 grade /5%
  • field visit : at week  14 / 10 grade / 5%
  • Final exam : at week 16 / 100 grade / 50%

Course assessment

Tortora, GJ, Funke, BR, Case CL. (2010) Microbiology, an Introduction. 10th edition. Pearson Education, Inc.

Recommended text books

Industrial Hygiene and chemical safety. 13th ed, New Delhi; 2011. 2. Karmachary JB. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Medicinal Products. available @ ISBN 978-953-51-0631-9. 2012; pp. 101-48. 3.

Sterile Drug Products: Formulation, Packaging, Manufacturing and Quality (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences 2010 4. Reduction Methods for Occupational Safety and Health bv Apr 10, 2012 5. Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 6th Edition (Fundamentals of Industrial Hygene) Aug 10, 2012 by Barbara A. Plog and Patricia J. Quinlan 6. Essentials of Industrial Hygiene Dec 28, 2015 by Thomas P. Fuller

Recommended refrences