PHR 554 - Drug Biotechnology

  • Dr. Nevien Lotfy
  • Dr. Ingy El-Soudany

Course lecturer :

  • Ph. Heba Hisham

Course assistant :

1. Become familiar with terminology in different biotechnology areas

2. Demonstrate the capability of biological systems as tools for drug technology

3. List techniques and methodologies for the synthesis of biopharmaceuticals

4. Aware of essential molecular biotechnology methods

5. Interpret the overall impact of new technology events on the future of healthcare

Course objectives :

The course provides students with basic information about the application of biotechnology procedures in the pharmaceutical fields. In addition, it acquires preliminary skills in gene cloning and other gene technology procedures as tools for the synthesis of biopharmaceuticals.

Course description :

Semester Work 30% Mid Term Examination 20% Final Term Examination 50%

Course assessment :

  • 1. Walsh G. (2011) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Concepts & Applications, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, England
  • 2. Walsh G. (2013). Biopharmaceuticals: biochemistry and biotechnology. John Wiley & Sons.
  • 3. Hartwell LM, Hood L, Goldberg ML, Reynolds AE, Silver LM.(2015) Genetics from Genes to Genome.
  • 4th edition. Mc Graw Hill Co.

Recommended text books :