PHR 476 – Forensic Chemistry

  • Prof. Inas Darwish
  • Dr.Menna Gowayed
  • Dr.Samar El-ganainy

Course lecturer

Sherouk Sherif

Course assistant

The course introduces the principles to experimental and clinical toxicology. The course will cover different area of toxicology, toxicokinetics, overdosage and toxicity with common drugs. The course deals with regulatory aspects of toxicity testing and safety of newly introduced chemicals. The course highlights the general guidelines for treatment of poisoning.

Course objectives

This three Hr. credit course includes lectures , practical, interactive learning, group discussion and assignment goes hand in hand with students to improve intellectual and practical skills

Course description

practical exams – 12th week

Mid-term exam – 8th week

Final written exam – 15th week

Oral exam – 15th week

Assessment Form :

Mid-term exam : 60 grades / 20%

Practical exam & Course Work : 90 grades /  30%

Final written exam : 120 grades / 40%

Oral exam : 30 grades /  10%

Course assessment

– TOXICOLOGY (A Case-Oriented Approach)by John Joseph Fenton, 2002 – Comprehensive Review in Toxicology for Emergency Clinicians; Bryson – Casarett & Doull\’s Essentials of Toxicology by Curtis D. Klaassen

Recommended text books

Manual of overdoses and poisonings, Linden C., Rippe J., Irwin R., 2006, LIPPINCOTT Williams& Wilkins.

• Toxinet

• BioMed Central

• Drug Information for Health Professionals

• Entrez PubMed

• MedScape

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

• DailyMed-Current Medical Information

• Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

• NLM Drug Portal

Recommended refrences