PHR 344 – Evaluation of Crude Drugs

1. Prof. Dr. Soad Toaima, Professor of pharmacognosy at faculty of pharmacy ,Pharos University in Alexandria faculty of pharmacy,Alexandria University.

2. Prof. Dr. Fathalla Harraz , Professor of pharmacognosy at faculty of pharmacy, Alexandria University.

Course lecturer

  • T.A. Dalia El-Sheikh,
  • Ph. Aya Selim,
  • Ph.Yasmin Monuir ,
  • Ph.Zyad Magdy ,
  • Ph.Yasmin Eid ,
  • Ph.Rana Said.

Course assistant

After completion of the course, the student should have the knowledge and skills that enables him/her to understand, describe and deal with the chemistry of the biologically active natural products as alkaloids and their uses. The course also covers the basic principles of chromatography.

Course objectives

Introduction and preface to alkaloids, Methods of extraction, identification, qualitative and evaluation of the different groups of alkaloids; besides information about their medicinal uses and structure-activity relationship. The study includes alkaloidal amine, pyridine, piperidine, tropane, quinoline, isoquinoline, indole, imidazole, purine, steroidal and glycoalkaloids. Study of the different types of chromatography and its application in isolation, identification and evaluation of natural products. Besides, the course provides an understanding of the basic knowledge about the different chromatographic techniques (TLC, paper and column) and the uses of different types of chromatography for the evaluation of drugs.

Course description

1. Midterm exam: 60 marks

2. Practical assessment: 50 marks, including:

– Course work: 25 marks

– Final practical exams: 25 marks

a. Alkaloid unknown: 15 marks

b. TLC exam: 10 marks

3.Interactive Learning: 20/Quiz

4.Assignment: 20 marks

5. Final Written exam: 150 marks

6. Oral exam: 30 marks

Course assessment

Atta-Ur-Rahman (2015), Studies In Natural Products Chemistry. -Sapma Malviya& Others (2015), Textbook Of Pharmacognosy& Phytochemistry. -Biren N. Shah& A.k. Seth (2014), Textbook Of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry.

– Victor Kuete, (2013); Medicinal Plant Research In Africa: Pharmacology& Chemistry.

-Text of Phytochemistry, 2011. S. Iqbal and N. A. Khan. -Trease, G. & Evans, W. (2009) : Pharmacognosy 16 ed., Baillier Tendall (London).

– The Alkaloids Chemistry and Biology, G. Cordell. volume 64, 2007.

Recommended text books

The extra pharmacopoeia “Martindale” 36 st, Ed. 2009 British pharmacopoeia (2010). Egyptian pharmacopoeia (1984). United States pharmacopoeia 24 (2000).

Recommended refrences