PG 203 – Phytochemistry I

Prof.Dr.:maged el ghazoly

Prof.Dr.:hala hammoda mohamed mohy eldin

Course lecturer :

T.A: Dalia el sheikh aly

Ph: eman eltonbary

Ph. amal helmy

Ph.mariam gamal abd elnasser

Ph:rana mansour

Ph.:aya selim

Ph. yasmin ahmed

Ph.rana saed

Course assistant :

After completion of the course, the student should have the knowledge and skills that enables him/her to understand, describe and deal with the chemistry of the biologically active products of plants and animal origin.

Course objectives :

Introduction of phytochemistry and plant Constituents. Isolation,characterization and quantitative evaluation of plant constituents, volatile oils introduction, physical properties , constants, methods of preparation, storage, chemistry of volatile oils constituent including hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones ,ester, oxides, peroxides, organo-nitrogen and sulphur compounds. Carbohydrates: introduction, monosaccharides, disaccharides, homopolysaccharides, heteropolysaccharides, biologically active carbohydrates. Glycosides: Introduction, simple phenolic ,anthracene glycosides, flavonoid and coumarins glycosides, cardiac and saponin glycosides,cyanogenic glycosides and glucosinolates.

Course description :

Mid Term (20%) (60 marks) -Course work (10%). (30Marks). – Interactive learning (6.67%) (20 Marks) – Practical Exam (6.67%). (20 Marks). Tutorial /Assignment (6.67%) (20 Marks) – Final Written exam (40 %). (120 Marks). – Oral Exam (10%) (30 Marks)

Course assessment :

Atta-Ur-Rahman (2015), Studies In Natural Products Chemistry. -Sapma Malviya& Others (2015), Textbook Of Pharmacognosy& Phytochemistry. -Biren N. Shah& A.k. Seth (2014), Textbook Of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry. – Victor Kuete, (2013); Medicinal Plant Research In Africa: Pharmacology& Chemistry. -Text of Phytochemistry, 2011. S. Iqbal and N. A. Khan. -Trease, G. & Evans, W. (2009) : Pharmacognosy 16 ed., Baillier Tendall (London).

Recommended text books :

Phytochemistry. – Journal of Natural Products. – International Journal of Essential oils Therapeutics. – Journal of Essential oil Research. URL: (PUA Course Uploads). The extra pharmacopoeia “Martindale” 36 st, Ed. 2009 -British pharmacopoeia (2010). -Egyptian pharmacopoeia (1984). -United States pharmacopoeia. 24 (2000).

Recommended refrences :