MAT 208 – Basic Statistics

Assistant Lecturer: Mona Salah Assistant Lecturer: Amani Ramadan Gomaa

Course lecturer :

Assistant Lecturer: Menna Abdel Fattah Hammouda

Course assistant :

After completion of this course, students will be able to recognize types of variables, different methods of data presentation, measure of location and dispersion. Students will understand the concepts of inferential statistics and normal distribution and their application in choosing the best statistical test.

Course objectives :

1. Different types of variables. 2. Data presentation (Tables). 3. Graphical methods for data representation and data description. 4. Measures of location. 5. Measures of dispersion. 6. Correlation and Regression 7. Introduction to Inferential statistics 8. Normal Distribution & Random sampling 9. Confidence interval and P value 10. Hypothesis Testing and types of errors 11. Selecting the appropriate statistical test & T test

Course description :

Mid-term exam 20 20% Final exam 50 50% Assignments and quiz 30 30%

Course assessment :

1. Moore D.S. McCabe G.P., and Craig B.A. Introduction to the Practice of Statistics . New York: W.H. Freeman and Company, (2009).

Recommended text books :

1. Essential Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Sciences Second Edition (2016) 2. Daniel WW, Cross CL Biostatistics : a foundation for analysis in the health sciences 10th edition.(2013)

Recommended refrences :