GEN 108 – Environment and Society

Dr. Hanada Islim Dr. Amira Gaber ElBaradei

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

The main objective of this course is to describe the environment; recognize the different environmental hazards, water pollution, global warming, smoking health hazards as well as types of food hazards and their associated health risks.

Course objectives :

1- Identify terms related to environment and ecosystems and recall environmental hazards and the main sources and health consequences of the different environmental hazards. 2- Recognize water pollutants and aspects of bottled water and the different types of food hazards. 3- Identify atmosphere, global warming and causes of ozone depletion and its effects on human health. 4- Recognize the healthcare waste management procedures 5- Identify the health effects of smoking. 6- Recall the endocrine disruptors and the sources of environmental exposures. 7- Identify demography and its elements.

Course description :

Final Written Exam (50%) 100 marks Midterm Exam ( 20%) 40 marks Course work (30%) 60 marks; Divided into: – 2 Quizzes 20 marks – Assignments 20 marks – Active Learning 20 marks

Course assessment :

1. Robbins P, Hintz J, Moore S. Environment and Society A critical introduction, second edition, 2014 Wiley BlackWell 2. Tortora GJ, Funke BR, Case CL. Microbiology, an Introduction. 10th edition, 2010.Pearson Education, Inc.

Recommended text books :

1. Harper CL. Environment and Society: Human Perspectives On Environmental Issues, Fifth Edition, 2012 Pearson Education, Inc.

Recommended refrences :