LI01 – Public International law

Ass. Prof/ Walid Fahmy

Course lecturer :

Mis Hager Mahmoud

Course assistant :

Public international law concerns the structure and conduct of sovereign states; analogous entities, such as the Holy See; and intergovernmental organizations. To a lesser degree, international law also may affect multinational corporations and individuals, an impact increasingly evolving beyond domestic legal interpretation and enforcement. Public international law has increased in use and importance vastly over the twentieth century, due to the increase in global trade, environmental deterioration on a worldwide scale, awareness of human rights violations, rapid and vast increases in international transportation and a boom in global communications

Course objectives :

The field of study combines two main branches: the law of nations (jus gentium) and international agreements and conventions (jus inter gentes).

Course description :

20 point course work 20 point mid term exam 60 point final exam

Course assessment :

Dr Ibrahim Khalifa, Public Intrnational law, Dar el matbouaat, 2018

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