GLG 09 – German Language

Course lecturer :

Omneya Fawaz

Course assistant :


Course objectives :

The course enables the students to demonstrate competence in communicating verbally and in writing for the purposes and the situations covered and make use of language & vocabulary taught to interact in a range of everyday communication situations

Course description :

It is based on four learning competences which are speaking, writing, reading and listening . It follows the common European framework.

Course assessment :

  • Mid-term exam 20
  • Course Work 20
  • Final written exam 60

Recommended text books :

Delfin Niveaustufe A2 Hartmut Aufderstraße, Juta Mϋller, Thomas Storz, 2005 Max Hueber Verlag, Ismaning, Deutschland

Recommended refrences :

Tipps und Übungen, Hueber, Johannes Gerbes/ Frauke van der Werff Fit fürs Goethe Zertifikat A2 Start Deutsch 2 2012, Ismaning Deutschland