Hanan Samir Mohamed AbdelazizMarzouk

Office No: C-624

Extension. No.: 148

As an executive manager I follow up and manage the work, tasks and administrative and technical activities of the quality by helping the unit in planning, implementing, coordinating and evaluating the quality of the educational process in college. And to invite the specialists and consultants in the field of quality to review the work of quality at the College and review the periodic reports of the coordinators of quality assurance in the departments of the college. The preparation of the annual report on the activity of the unit and representation of the unit in the meetings called for.As a staff member To give lectures, scientific lessons, panel discussions, theoretical, practical and oral examinations, correction, control work, participation in seminars and conferences, conducting scientific research, supervising scientific messages, conducting academic guidance and acting as a coordinator

  • Isolation & structure elucidation of compounds from natural sources

Studying the biological effects of the isolated compounds & extracts


Position Starting Date Ending Date
  • Demonstartor



  • Teaching assisstant


  • Lecturer


Till now
  • Executive manager of QAC


Till now
Scientific Activities Date
    • Teaching under graduate courses


  • Supervision of scientific thesis (master, PhD) & graduation projects& Field projects.

2015 till now

  • Pulication of scientific papers