Courses for the Programme
For Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL)


Course Description :


  • Modern Standard Arabic

    Code: TAFL 1
    Total Hours:  78  hours

Description: Students study texts that reflect Arab culture and literature through being trained on reading aloud to improve their pronunciation and fix vocal defects, in addition to silent reading so as to understand and examine the content and grammar of the texts. Students are also trained to listen to various audio materials , along with the information of  dialogues and practice among themselves.

  • Media

    Code: TAFL 2
    Total Hours:  26  hours

Description: The material of the course varies between movies , recorded shows , songs and poems , introducing  free topics for discussion in Arabic language , which trains students on using Arabic language fluently with no restrictions.

  • The Egyptian Colloquial

    Code: TAFL 3
    Total Hours:  78  hours

Description: Students are trained on the Egyptian colloquial through dialogues that represent different life situations with an attempt to derive rules so as to be used by students as criteria to enable them to compare the standard with the colloquial in case encountering similar expressions. Students are also trained to transform the colloquial into the classical , and vice versa.

  • Translation

    Code: TAFL 4
    Total Hours:  26  hours

Description: Students are introduced to the structural differences between the Arabic language and their mother tongue through translating various texts from/ into Arabic language , in addition to translating advanced level texts, including literary texts and topics that reflect current events.

  • Literature and Culture

    Code: TAFL 5
    Total Hours:  26  hours

Description: Debates are made in order to train students on some social issues, in addition to reciting classical and colloquial poems in Arabic and watching historical and social Egyptian movies.

  • Writing

Code: TAFL 6
Total Hours:  26  hours

Description: Students are trained on writing on general topics so as to learn different phrasing methods in Arabic language , which will enrich their knowledge and vocabulary.