Allied Medical Sciences

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology Dean Welcome :

Dear Students,

On behave of the staff of the faculty it is my pleasure to welcome you in your faculty with our best wishes for a successful period of your academic life. Pharos University of Alexandria (PUA) established the faculty of allied medical sciences in 2009 to prepare and provide the community with highly qualified specialists in different vital medical fields including nutrition, nursing and technologies of medical laboratories, medical equipment, radiology & medical imaging, optics, anesthesia & intensive care, and prosothodontic.

In AMS and in accordance with the visions and missions of the university and the college, we provide dynamic curricula with excellent, comprehensive and high quality programs with integrated practical and theoretical means targeting distinctive graduates who are equipped with the recent and advanced knowledge and skills that will serve them well for competition not only nationally, but also regionally & internationally. This is supported by the competent and distinguished staff members of the faculty who are doing their best for their students in all aspects, scientifically and socially. I advise the students to consult their professors in any scientific or personal problems, and I am sure they will do their best to help solving their problems.

In addition, The University offers excellent social and entertainment activity opportunities for the students and values their participation in local and international events.

Lastly, I hope that you will enjoy your stay in the University, wishing you all a fruitful academic life and a lot of fun among your colleagues and staff members.

The Minister of Higher Education issued a ministerial decree number(193) dated (29-7-2012) certifying the equivalence of the Bachelor degree granted from the faculty of Allied Medical Sciences with the Bachelor degree granted by Egyptian universities governed by the Universities Organizational Law number 49 for the year 1972 .

The Egyptian Ministry of Health issued a decree entitling the graduates of the faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at Pharos University to an equal status with their counterparts in the faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology in equivalent universities in terms of granting professional licensure or job description.

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology Departments

  • Department of Medical Laboratory Technology.
  • Department of Biomedical Equipment Technology.
  • Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging Technology.
  • Department of Nutrition and Food Safety Technology.
  • Department of Optical Technology.
  • Department of Dental Prostheses Manufacture Technology.
  • Critical Care and Anesthesia Technology.

Why study Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology at Pharos University?

The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology aims at training professional medical technology specialist qualified to practice in the various fields of modern medicine. The faculty aims to cover the needs of the Egyptian, Arab, and international medical labor market. Besides, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology encourages graduates to pursue graduate studies, whether master’s or doctoral degrees.

  • A one-year internship training for the students of all departments to be able to obtain the practice license.

The Faculty Is Equipped With The Following Laboratories:

Biology Lab, Molecular Biology Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Anatomy Lab, Medical Equipment Lab, Optics Lab, Nursing, Anesthesia and Intensive Care Lab, Nutrition Lab, Radiology Lab, Ultrasound Lab, Prosthodontics Lab, General and Organic Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab.


Career Opportunities:

  • Medical laboratories, hospitals, and medical research institutes and centers.
  • Medical and electronic equipment installation and maintenance centers.
  • Medical imaging in hospitals, and specialized professional radiology centers.
  • Intensive care units in different hospitals, and specialized medical centers.
  • Nutrition department in, hotels, hospitals and health care centers.
  • Optical laboratories, as well as specialized centers in optical devices, lenses and laser treatment.
  • Dental laboratories and dental therapeutic manufacturing centers.

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