The faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management organized a three-day field trip to Siwa Oasis on 5-7 December for the third and fourth year students of the Tourism Department as well as a number of the Hotel Management students. This trip aimed to introduce the students to Siwa Oasis touristic landmarks for being a unique international tourist destination and the most important eco-tourism exercises there as well as evaluate the management practices of the tourist sites in this setting. The trip programme included visiting the following landmarks: Shali Fortress, Fatnas Island, Temple of Amun, Dakrur Mountain and Cleopatra Spring. This was in addition to doing some leisure activities like going in a safari, spending an evening at Mountain Camp Ali Khaled, attending a Siwan party at Siwa Oasis Hotel and doing a free shopping tour. The students stayed at Siwa Oasis Hotel which is affiliated to the Military Armed Forces.