RDM222 – Dental Biomaterials

Prof.Amal Ezzeldin

Course lecturer :

Ali Harfoush
Ahmed Maher

Course assistant :

a.1 Identify dental materials and their properties.
a.2 Recognize the composition, setting reactions, uses, and advantages and disadvantages of the dental materials.
a.3 Predict the proper selection of dental materials in future clinical situations
a.4 Determine the optical and adhesion properties of different materials

Course objectives :

The course should provide students with basic knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles pertaining proper manipulation & properties of commonly used dental materials & laboratory equipment used in their handling. Upon completion of this course the student will acquire the knowledge about esthetic restorative materials (composites amalgam and denture base materials as well as indirect restorative materials used in dentistry, lost wax technique , different types and uses of dental waxes and investment materials

Course description :

Assessment 1: Quizzes ( 5th week )
Assessment 2 : Mid-term exam ( 8th week )
Assessment 3: presentation/Assignment (3rd , 5th , 7th week )
Assessment 4: Final Practical Evaluation (13th week – 14th week)
Assessment 5: Final written exam (16th week )

Course assessment :

• Essentials of dental materials of dental materials-5th ed. Dental Biomaterial Department faculty of Alexandria University; 2018.

Recommended text books :

Powers JM, Sakaguchi RL. Craig\’s Restorative Dental Materials. 13th ed; 2014
Van Noort. Introduction to dental Materials. 3rd ed.

Recommended refrences :