RDE 432 – Endodontics 3

Prof.Dr. Abd Elhamied Yousef Lec. Dr. Soliman Kamha Lec. Dr. Mohamed Attia Lec. Dr. Rasha Abo Samra

Course lecturer :

Maha Tarek / Mohamed Shawky / Rania Morsy / Marwa Ebrahem / Alaa Eltawel / Rasha Elbarkouky / Mai Desoky / Hoida Anan / Basant Abd Elnaby / Omneya Mohamed / Heba Elkhazendar / Ahmed Adel / Salma Elgazar

Course assistant :

After completing this course, students should be able to know: 1- Endodontic radiography. 2- Vital pulp therapy 3- Endodontic pharmacology. 4- Management of the open apex. 5- About endodontic microbiology. 6- Endodontic emergency treatment 7- Traumatic emergency.

Course objectives :

It is extremely important during this course the student gain a fundamental background in these areas of endodontics. 1. How to take an X-ray film in different steps of root canal treatment and how to read it. 2. How to treat injuried vital pulp. 3- How to manage the opened apex. 4. How to do an emergency treatment to the endodontic patients and traumatic emergency.

Course description :

1- Written Exams: – Quiz (20 marks) – Mid Term in 8th week (20 marks) – Final Exam in 15th & 16th & 17th weeks (60 marks) 2- Practical Exams: – Mid Term in 7th week (20 marks) – Final in 14th week (40 marks) 3- Participation: Including attendance, infection control, assignments and total evaluation of the practical work in all sections along the semester. (40 marks)

Course assessment :

Endodontics. Fifth Edition. JOHN I. INGLE, DDS, MSD, LEIF K. BAKLAND, DDS BC Decker Inc Hamilton • London 2002.

Recommended text books :

1- Pathway of the pulp. Tenth Edition. Stephen Cohen MA. DDS. FIC. FACD, Kenneth M. Hargreaves, DDS, PhD, FACD. MOSBY ELSEVIER. 11830 Westline Industrial Drive. St. Louis Missouri 63146. 2016. 2- Principles and practice of endodontics THIRD EDITION RICHARD E. WALTON, DMD, MS, MAHMOUD TORABINEJAD, DMD, M5D, PhD Philadelphia London NewYork St.Louis Sydney Toronto 2002.

Recommended refrences :