PDCD542 – Community Dentistry 2

Pro Dr. Somaia Mohamed Kamal Eltelety
Prof Dr. Hamida Abo bakr
Dr Hedeia AbdElhamid
Dr Ashraf Farouk
Dr.Nanci Ramez

Course lecturer :

Esraa Bisher

Course assistant :

This course aims to give students the introduction on preventive dentistry, to explain in details preventive measures and to discuss different methods of dental health education

Course objectives :

Define preventive and levels of prevention. – Describe and explain the criteria of preventive levels. . Summarize the objectives and methods of dental health education. Differentiate between the different types of fluoride application. Select appropriate type of preventive measures for different age group. Describe application and types of fissure sealants

Course description :

quizes Assignments, oral presentation.active paricipation in the class Midterm Exam Final written Exam

Course assessment :

Burt BA and Eklund SA.(2005) dentistry, dental practice and community(6th ed).Philadelphia, PA: Saunders. I SB N-10:07216051 2-Mosby’s comprehensive review of dental hygiene Michele L Darby 6 th ed.2006 Mosby ,Elsevier Hand-outs: posted on the course website

Recommended text books :

Community Oral Health Practice for the Dental Hygienist – E-Book , By Kathy Voigt Geurink , 2014 Hand-outs: posted on the course website

Recommended refrences :