OS422 – Oral Exodontia

Prof. Dr. Magda Saleh
Prof. Ahmed Moustafa
Dr. Hachem Hassouna

Course lecturer :

Dr. Sara Saiid
Dr Haitham Sakr
Dr Ahmed Shone
Dr. Rasha Taman
Dr.Asmaa Ezzat
Ahmed Maghraby
Sohaila Tarek
Ahmed Hazem

Course assistant :

  •  Evaluate patient health status based on standard examination & diagnostic procedures
  • Describe the concepts and techniques of uncomplicated tooth extraction
  • Describe the applied surgical anatomical considerations related to tooth extraction
  • Describe the concepts and techniques of uncomplicated tooth extraction & root removal
  • Describe the concepts & techniques related to the use of elevators
  • Determine the basic surgical principles & surgical extraction of teeth & roots
  • Discuss the basic surgical principles & the requirements of each procedures
  • Identify types & techniques of armamentarium used in Oral surgical procedures
  • Describe the techniques for removal of impacted teeth
  • Analyze factors leading to complications in oral surgery & tooth extraction
  • Distinguish the complications of tooth extraction & oral surgical procedures (operative & postoperative complications)
  • Determine the appropriate management of expected complications arising from tooth extraction
  • Identify complications of local anesthesia (local & systemic complications)
  • Analyze the factors leading to complications in local anesthesia
  • Determine the appropriate management of expected complications Clinical Objectives:
  • Perform standard examination & diagnose patients condition & take necessary precautions Perform correct tooth extraction based on proper teeth

Course objectives :

The course is formed of five modules :

  1.  Exodontia: Indications & Precautions of tooth/root removal; Patient\’s clinical & radiographic evaluation; & factors complicating extraction.
  2. Forceps extraction of teeth (Intra-alveolar Extraction) : 
    1. Armamentarium & techniques for extraction of maxillary teeth.
    2. Armamentarium & techniques for extraction of mandibular teeth
    3. Armamentarium & techniques for deciduous + Post-extraction care
  3. Use of Elevators in teeth extraction & root removal: types, indication & precautions.
  4. Surgical removal of teeth & roots (Trans-alveolar extraction):
    1. Indications & Basic surgical principles & Armamentarium + flaps,
    2. Bone removal & tooth / root removal,
    3. Wound debridement & closure (suture materials + suturing techniques)
  5. Impacted teeth: indications, contraindications, classifications, basic surgical steps & armamentarium, modified techniques for maxilla, mandible, & aberrant positions
  6. Complications of oral surgery & Exodontia: 
    1. Immediate Complications
    2. Delayed Complications

Course description :

– Quizes Mid-term written Final written Clinical Evaluation + Assignment Discussion

Course assessment :

• Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Editors: James Hupp, Edward Ellis and Myron Tucker, Fifth Edition, St. Louis, 2008, Mosby
• Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Ossama Sweedan, El Maiar press, Alex. Egypt. 2008

Recommended text books :

• Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Anesthesia for the Dental Practitioner. Magid Amin, A. 1st edition. Alexandria Printing Press, Egypt. 1990
• Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist. Karl R Koerner. Blackwell Munksgaard, Blackwell publishing,

Recommended refrences :