HU175 – History of Architecture 1

  • Dr. Ingy Naguib

Course lecturer :

  • Arch. Merna Nabil

Course assistant :

  1. Integrate major civilizations\’ architectural history with the approach to design and to create an understanding of architecture as a physical response to human needs at a philosophical and cultural value within that period
  2. – Identify various influences, analysis and development in stages of architecture in major civilizations, To enable students to :
  • i) Gain a working knowledge of history of architecture.
  • ii) Differentiate architecture features.
  • iii) Know different cultures.

Course objectives :

This course introduces students to the history of different engineering disciplines. The Course is to teach the students all about the history of architecture of the Ancient Civilizations. It introduces the student to the history of the major civilizations, architecture found in the valley of the Nile (Egyptian civilization).

Course description :

  1. 1. Midterm Exam 15 Marks
  2. 2. Drop Quizzes / Open discussions 10 Marks
  3. 3. Assignments/ research/ presentations 25 Marks
  4. 4. Final written Exam 50 Marks

Course assessment :

1. Fletcher, B. and Fletcher, B. F.; \”A History of Architecture\”, Bradbury, Agnew, & CO. LD., Printers, London, (1996).

Recommended text books :

  1. 1. Fazio M.,Moffett M.,Wodehouse L., \”Buiding Across Tme\”, McGraw-hill, USA, 2009
  2. 2. Roth L. M., \”Understanding Architecture, Its elements, History and meaning\”, Westview press, 1998

Recommended refrences :