HU135/HU135!! – Sales & Marketing

Tamer Ibrahim

Course lecturer :

Tamer Ibrahim

Course assistant :

This course is trying to achieve the following objectives: Improving the awareness regarding the main marketing concepts Improve how the customer value will be delivered and communicated . Realize an Understanding regarding Marketing Management Realize an understanding regarding Shaping the Market Offerings, especially the offerings of manufacturing and marketing products.

Course objectives :

Ch 1 : Defining basic marketing terms.
Ch 2 : Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans
Ch3: Marketing Management for Service Systems Engineers.
Ch 4: Creating Successful Long-term Growth

Course description :

Assessment form Grade %
dropquizzes 10
assignments and Reports 20
Mid Term Written Exam 20
Final Written Exam 50

Course assessment :

Kotler & Keller , Marketing management, 14 Edition

Recommended text books :

Chang C. M., Service Systems Management and Engineering Creating Strategic Differentiation and Operational Excellence, 2010,JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC.

Recommended refrences :