EP 340 – Transmission and Distribution Systems

Course lecturer :

Abbas Anwar Ezzat

Course assistant :


Course objectives :

The main objective of the course is to teach the students the following: Introduction to OSHA regulations, OSHA material handling, basic industrial safety, general safety rules, material handling, use and disposal, designing chemical process safety, work place chemical exposure, flammable liquids, combustible dust, industry hygiene, personal protective equipment, basic firefighting , basic hazards awareness, petrochemical accidents, case studies

Course description :

now proper handling of toxic and dangerous materials, basics of inflammation, fires, and explosions, ways of protection from fires and explosions as well as relevant legislation concerning occupational safety. Hazards peculiar to industries like fertilizer, heavy chemicals, petroleum, pulp and paper, tanneries, dyes, paints, pesticides, glass and ceramics, dairy and sugar Industries. Guidelines for safeguarding personnel and safeguarding against water.

Course assessment :

Assessment: Mid-term 20 marks

quizzes 10 marks

Self learning 10 marks

Reports, presentations and assignments 10 marks

Final Exam. 50 marks ——— 100

Recommended text books :

1- R.Craig Schroll; Industrial Fire Protection Handbook, 2nd Ed.

Recommended refrences :

2- Daniel A.Crowl/Joseph F.Louvar, Chemical Process Safety, 2nd Ed.