EM327 – Numerically Controlled Machines

Prof. Dr. Samy Oraby

Course lecturer :

Eng. Heba Fahmy

Course assistant :

To enable students to gain a working knowledge of how to build and inform with the programming of CNC machines.

Course objectives :

This course introduces students to: Historical Review & development in NC Technology, types of CNC structures: NC, CNC, DNC, FMS, etc. Elements of CNC system: Input devices, machine control unit MCU, part program, machine tool, driving system. Types of machine control units MCU, servomotors, open-loop vs closed-loop control systems, etc). Coordinate and programming systems, absolute and incremental positioning (dimensioning). Manual and computer-assist part programming, Point to Point, linear, and circular interpolation (contouring). Cutting parameters selection and cutter radius compensation options. Milling, drilling, and turning CNC programming. Introduction to adaptive control AC of machine tools. Brief introductory of industrial manipulators (robot) and an introduction to CAD/CAM features.

Course description :

i) Evaluation of class work from 1st week up to 6th week (10%) & from 7th week up to 12th week (10%) divided as follows:
– Drop Quizzes: 5%.
– Homework assignment & Short reports and presentation: 5%.
ii) Written exam @ 6th (and 12th Week): 10% each.
iii) Class activities and / or projects: 10%.
iv) Final examination: 50%.

Course assessment :

Peter Smid, “A Comprehensive Guide to Practical CNC Programming – CNC Programming Handbook”, Third Edition, Industrial Press Inc., New York, 2008 ISBN-13: 978-0831133474 ISBN-10: 9780831133474

Recommended text books :

James Floyd Kelly, Patrick Hood-Daniel, \” Build Your Own CNC Machine (Technology in Action)\”, 2009

Recommended refrences :