EM 362 – Quality Improvement for Industry


Course lecturer :


Course assistant :

To enable students to:

  1. Present the principles and standards of quality systems.
  2. Construct control charts iii) Introduce models and inferences for process/product quality.
  3. Present quality systems and standards
  4. Present statistical quality control.
  5. Determine the percentage of defects and reworks

Course objectives :

This course introduces students to: Quality management philosophies (Deming,..Etc.), strategies for continuous improvement, graphical and numerical methods of data analysis, process control charts, total quality management, and the percentage of defects and reworks.

Course description :

Mid-Term Exam 20 Sections( assignments, reports, quizzes) 30 Final Exam 50 TOTAL 100

Course assessment :

Thomas P. Ryan, “Statistical Methods For Quality improvement”, second edition,2000.

Recommended text books :

Bovas Abraham, N. Unnikrishnan Nair, Birkhäuser, “Quality improvement through statistical methods”, 1998. Melissa G. Hartman \” Fundamental concepts of quality improvement\” ASQ Quality Press, 2002.

Recommended refrences :