EM 360 – Production Planning & Scheduling

Dr. Salah Eldin Mosaad

Course lecturer :

Eng. Rita Palabeyekian

Course assistant :

To enable students to:

  1. Introduce planning skills by using the operation research methods in different production processes and a practical problems
  2. Be familiar with industrial engineering students the basic definitions and nature of production systems along with the theory and application of the well-known methodologies for solving production planning and control problems,
  3. Feel confident while approaching to a real-life problem of production planning and control context.

Course objectives :

This course introduces students to:
Applications of operations research methods to practical problems of production planning and inventory control. Forecasting; aggregate planning; deterministic and stochastic inventory models; MRP; JIT; variability; scheduling in production and service systems.

Course description :

Mid-Term Exam 20%
Assignments, Quizzes & Reports 30%
Final Exam 50%

Course assessment :

William J. Stevenson, “Operations Management”, McGraw Hill, Eighth Edition, 2005.

Recommended text books :

Kenneth D. Lawrence, S. H. Zanakis, “Production planning and scheduling: mathematical programming applications” , Industrial Engineering and Management Press, Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1984

Recommended refrences :