EM 256 – Power Generation By fluids

  • Dr. Bassem Nashaat Zakher

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Sara Ahmed

Course assistant :

Teaching student the hydraulic turbines (types, construction, operation and control).Hydraulic power stations, Pumped- storage system. None classical methods for energy production from fluids, Wind energy and windmills, Sea wave energy, Tidal energy. Innovations in designs for energy production from fluids.

Course objectives :

An Introduction Fundamental of power plant. Hydroelectric power plant. Non-conventional Energy Resources and utilization 8th Week Exam (Midterm Exams) Hydraulic turbines Types, construction, operation and control. Innovations in design for energy production from fluid.

Course description :

Mini project 15 % Solving assignment problems ,reports, presentation, quizzes 15 % Mid Term Written Exam 20 % Final Written Exam 50 %

Course assessment :

Black & veatch , “ power plant Engineering ”, 1996. White.,“ Engineering fluid Mechanics ”, Prentice and hill , 2009

Recommended text books :

A. K. Raja,“ power plant Engineering ” AGE cengle, 2009

Recommended refrences :