EM 212/ME 212 – Mechanics of Machinery

Dr. Mostafa El Hadary

Course lecturer :

Eng. Sara Mostafa

Course assistant :

1. Introduction to basic types of Mechanisms, joints etc. 2. Kinematic pairs and mobility of planar mechanisms, Types of joints, and degree of freedom. 3-Velocity analysis in planar mechanisms: Instantaneous center method and relative velocity method. 4. Acceleration analysis in planar mechanisms 5. Types of toothed gearing, path, and arc of contact interference. 6. Analysis of gear trains 7. Cam motions and dynamics: types of cam follower mechanisms, follower motion diagrams and design of cam profiles 8. Balancing rotating and reciprocating masses definition of balancing, causes of unbalance, static and dynamic balancing and fly wheel.

Course objectives :

This course introduces the student to: joints, Mechanisms (kinematics and force analysis), cam mechanism (profiles, minimum cam size, cam dynamics), gear geometry, gear trains, flywheels, balancing of rotating and reciprocating masses

Course description :

Assessment form (Grade %) Class works including drop quizzes, solving assignment problems and reports (20) Project as practical work (10) Midterm Written Exam (20) Final Written Exam (50)

Course assessment :

Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machinery, Hamilton H. Mabie and Charles F. Reinholtz, 4th edition (1987), John Wiley & Sons Inc., ISBN 0-471-80237-9.

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