EE345/EE345!! – Digital Image Processing

Sanaa Said abd El-dayem

Course lecturer :

Maha Fathy

Course assistant :

By the end of the course, students will be able to:
• Intellectual Skills:
– Introduce concepts of digital images
– Solve image enhancement problems
– Practice image segmentation techniques
– Relate properties of digital images in frequency domain with its correspondence features in time domain
– Acquire good information about image compression methods
– Catch basics of video signals
• Practical Skills:
– Practice necessary skills towork with MATLAB “Image Processing” toolbox
– Implement image processing algorithms
– Work in Group

Course objectives :

• Introduction to 2D image fundamentals
• Image transformations
• Image enhancement
• Image segmentation
• Lossless and lossy compression
• Introduction to Wavelet transform

Course description :

Mid Term Exam: 20 Marks Class Work (quizzes – assignments): 20 Marks MATLAB Work: 10 Marks Final Exam: 50 Marks

Course assessment :

“Digital Image Processing,” RfaelC.Gozalez, Richard E. Woods, Printice Hall.

Recommended text books :

Online material.

Recommended refrences :