EE208 & EE208!! – Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ahmed Abdalla Dr. Engy ElNayal

Course lecturer :

Eng. Maha Fathy

Course assistant :

To enable students to: Exploit and interpret the basis of electrical circuit fundamentals and understand a wide range of information concerning DC and AC circuits.

Course objectives :

The course starts with D.C. ciurcuit, theorems of D.C. and network analysis (Thevenin- Norton- Superposition- Maximum Power Transfer). Mesh and nodal analysis, source conversion, and DC circuits with active elements. It then moves towards A.C., phasors, waveforms, power , and power factor, RL- RC- RLC circuits and network theorems in AC.

Course description :

Class works including quizzes and assignments 20 Lab work 10 Mid Term Written Exam 20 Final Written Exam 50

Course assessment :

Robert L. Boylestad, “Introductory Circuit Analysis,” Printice Hall, 11th edition.

Recommended text books :

“Electrical Engineering for All Engineers”, William H. Roadstrum, Dan H. Wolaver, Wiley

Recommended refrences :