EE 293/EE 293!! – Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation

Dr. Sahar Abd el Moneim

Course lecturer :

Eng. Asmaa

Course assistant :

The objective of this course is to provide the students with the fundamentals of electrical measurements. course aims to cover methods of measurements physical quantities using sensors and transducers. Also,The course aims to cover fundamentals of data acquisition.

Course objectives :

Understanding all electrical measurement concepts, knowing the methods of mechanical quantities using electrical instrumentation systems, knowing fundamentals of digital instrumentation and data acquisition and be able to perform measurement of mechanical quantities in high accuracy and sensitivity.

Course description :

Drop Quizzes Mid-term written exams Practical Works Reports & Exam Final lab exam Final written exams

Course assessment :

J. B. GUPTA, “Electronic and Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation,\”12th ed, S. K. Kataria & Sons, Delhi, 2008

Recommended text books :

[1] Martin U, \”Electrical Measurements: Concepts and Applications,\” New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, 2003. [2] A. K. Sawhney, \”A Course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements Instrumentation,\”, DHANPAT RAI, 17 ed, 2004.

Recommended refrences :