EE 273/EE 273!! – Electrical Power Engineering (2)

DR.sahar moussa

Course lecturer :

Eng.moaz sardina

Course assistant :

Perform mechanical design of overhead lines: sag and tension calculations, variation of sag and tension with temperature. understand the conceptual basics and modern technology of underground power cables.Introduce and familiraize with the low voltage electric power distribution system. design the low voltage and medium voltage distribution system. introduce and familiarize with the electric power distribution system.

Course objectives :

Load Study Underground Cables Electrical Power Distribution Systems Laboratory Experiments

Course description :

Class works including drop quizzes, solving assignment problems and reports & presentations 15 IT applications 5 Practical works / Mini project / Community Projects 15 Mid Term Written Exam 15 Final Written Exam 50

Course assessment :

M. A. El-Gammal , “ Electric Power System Engineering” , 1st edition, 2008

Recommended text books :

[1] Hadi Saadat, “Power System Analysis,” 2nd Ed , McGraw Hill, USA, 2004 [2] H. Wayne Beaty, \”Handbook of Electric Power Calculations,” 3rd Ed, McGraw Hill, USA, 2001.

Recommended refrences :