EE 256!!&EE 256 – Digital communications II

Mohamed abdelkarim

Course lecturer :

Huda Fawzy

Course assistant :

– To teach the student the properties and applications of digital communication systems – Explain the theory of M-ary modulation, channel coding and Spread spectrum

Course objectives :

Geometric representation of signals: Signal space, Gram Schmidt orthogonalization, optimal receiver design, decision regions, probability of error. Advanced passband digital modulation: QPSK, OQPSK, pi/4DQPSK,

Course description :

Lab work 10%, quizzes 10%, Matlab project 5%, midterm exam 20%, Assignments 20%, final exam 50%

Course assessment :

B.P Lathi, Zhi Ding,\” Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems\”, Oxford University Press, 4th Edition, 2009

Recommended text books :

J. Prokis “Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems”, 4th Edition, 1995

Recommended refrences :