EE 219!! – Industrial Measurements Instrumentation

Prof.Dr. Adel Abou El-Ela

Course lecturer :

Eng/ Asmaa Zayed

Course assistant :

The objective of this course is to provide the students with the fundamentals of Industrial measurements. Course aims to covermethods of measurments phaysical quantities using sensors and transducers. Also,The course aims to cover fundamentals of data acquisition.

Course objectives :

Course Outline Introduction Fundamentals of electrical measurements: Accuracy, sensitivity, resolution, random erros and loading effect errors. Electrical analogue instruments: Permenant Magnet Moving Coil (PMMC) Moving Iron Instruments (MII) Bridge circuits:

• Resistance measurements, errors in measurements and galvanometer sensitivity.

• Low and high resistance measurements.

• Inductance and capacitance measurements. Experement 2: bridge Sensors and transducers:

• Measurements of physical quantities.

• Classification of sensors or transducers.

• Selection of adequate sensor or transducer.

• Applications for measurements of displacement, strain, temperature, etc Use of CRO in measurement systems:

• Accurate and sensitive measurement of dc and ac voltage and current, oscilloscope Fundamentals of data acquisition in instrumentation systems. Electrical safety measures.

Course description :

Assessment form Grade % 8h week exam 20 Final term exam 50 Practical examination 5 Semester work 15 Mini Project and simulation 10

Course assessment :

J. B. GUPTA, “Electronic and Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation,\\\”12th ed, S. K. Kataria & Sons, Delhi, 2008

Recommended text books :

[1] Martin U, \\\”Electrical Measurements: Concepts and Applications,\\\” New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, 2003. [2] A. K. Sawhney, \\\”A Course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements Instrumentation,\\\”, DHANPAT RAI, 17 ed, 2004.

Recommended refrences :