EB142/BE142 – Engineering drawing 2

Dr/ Marwa Charkas

Course lecturer :

Eng. Haidy shehata
Eng. Ahmed salem
Eng. Ayten zamil
Eng.Heba adel
Eng.Nahla mostafa
Eng.Shirouette hassan
Eng.Merna gamal
Eng.Doaa elbehery

Course assistant :

To enable students to: Learn the graphic language that is used universally by designers and engineers to describe the shape and size of structures and mechanisms. Know how to employ effectively graphic solutions of space problems in the different fields of engineering. Learn the principles of graphics, whether done on the drawing board or on the computer.

Course objectives :

This course teaches the basics of engineering drawing utilising mechanical drawing, and computer aided drafting and solid modelling. The fundamental principles of orthographic projection as well as the topics of sectional views, retaining walls , steel and intersection of surfaces

Course description :

Class works including : -Quizzes -Solving Assignment Problems -Project (Case Study): Models -IT Applications 🙁 Auto-CAD) Mid-term written exam Final Written exam

Course assessment :

Recommended text books :

[1] Descriptive Geometry, Pare- Loving-Hill –Pare, Macmillan publishing Co. Inc. New York, Sixth edition, 1982.
[2] Engineering Design Graphics, AutoCAD 2004, James H. Earle, Pearson, Prentice – Hall, Eleventh edition, 2005.

Recommended refrences :