EB 111 / BE111 – Engineering Mechanics 1

Course lecturer

Dr. Mostafa El-Khatib

Course assistant

  • Eng. Fayrouse El Rwaay
  • Eng. Walaa Mohamed
  • Eng. Ibrahim Mohamed

Course objectives

To enable students to:

Gain a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the Statics.

ii) Show familiarities with expressing Forces in vector Forms (2D & 3D).Gain a working knowledge of energy storage systems.

Define the basic concepts of friction and springs for practical Problems.

iv) Identify sources of artificial illumination.

v) Define: equivalent systems of forces, reduction of a System of forces and Couples to One Force and one Couple(M ⃗_o,R ⃗).

vi) Explain the concepts behind Equilibrium of a rigid Body (2D&3D).

vii) Show how to differentiate between centroids and centers of gravity and search for each. viii) Gain a fundamental knowledge and understanding about analysis of structures.

Course description

This is a basic subject on Engineering Statics. Emphasis is given to topics that will be useful in other disciplines, including statics of particles, friction, and statics of rigid body, centers of gravity, and introduction to analysis of structures

Course assessment

  • Class works including drop quizzes, solving assignment problems, reports 20%
  • Laboratory work and Practical Examination 1 10%
  • Mid Term Written Exam 20%
  • Final Written Exam 50%

Recommended text books

Vector Mechanics for Engineers (Statics), By Ferdinand P. Beer, E. Russell Johnston and William E. Claustn. (Mc GRAW. HILL).

Recommended refrences

Engineering Mechanics, Dynamics, R.C.HIBBELER, 14 TH ED., Pearson Prentice Hall , 2016.