EA242 – History of Architecture 2

Associate Prof. Ghada Ragheb

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

1. Introduces the student to the history of the major civilizations (architecture of Greece, an architecture of the Hellenistic Kingdom and the architecture of the Roman Empire)
2. Identification of various influences, analysis, and development of stages of architecture in medieval ages.

Course objectives :

The course aim is to teach the students all about the Medieval age of architecture: the architecture of the medieval era; starting from the art of the Greek, Roman Empire and the rise of the Christianity, the Byzantine architecture and the Romanesque architecture, ending with the Gothic architecture in Europe

Course description :

1. Written Exams: • Mid-term 20 % • 5-6 Quizzes 10 % • Final Exam 40%
2. Assignment or case study or research/ interactive learning 30 %

Course assessment :

Ching, Jarzombek, Prakash, “A Global History of Architecture”, 2006, John Wiley & sons.

Recommended text books :

Fletcher, B. and Fletcher, B. F., (1996), A History of Architecture, Bradbury, Agnew, & CO. LD., Printers, London.

Recommended refrences :