CM210 – Introduction to electrical circuits

Yasser elkamshoushy

Course lecturer :

Heba abdelhameed

Course assistant :

1.Understanding how to use electrical circuit calculations in power system networks installed in residential & industrial buildings.
2.Gain a working knowledge of electrical installations in residential & industrial buildings.
3.Identify the fundamentals of light current wiring installations including telephone lines, data lines and sound systems.
4.Describe the security systems elements in residential & industrial buildings.
5.Understand the concepts of lighting system.

Course objectives :

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits:
i.Phasors relationships for circuit elements Impedance.
iii.AC voltage & current relationships.
iv.Power calculations in AC circuit.
v.Introduction to Three Phase Circuits. Illumination Systems.
Wiring Installations in Residential and Industrial Buildings:
1.Wiring circuits for illumination and receptacle circuits.
2.Sequence diagrams for panel boards.
3.Telephone lines & Data lines.
4.Audio systems.
5.Fire alarming systems.
6.Design project

Course description :

Quizzes Scheduled by lecturer Other activities: Assignment reports, PPT presentation, internet review work, small projects During 9th week 9th Week-Term Examination Following the 15th week Final-Term Examination

Course assessment :

“ Lecturer Notes” , by M. A. El-Gammal

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