CM/ES 301 – Steel Structures Design (1)

Dr. Yasser El Zeiny

Course lecturer :

  • Eng/ Moataz Ehab
  • Eng/ Esraa El-Sawy

Course assistant :

To enable students to: i) Identify the main elements of steel structures. ii) Define the stability of steel structures. iii) Design the structural steel elements

Course objectives :

The course gives an overview of Construction materials, Design loads and criteria of steel structures, Stability of steel structures under different loading conditions, Design of different components of steel structures.

Course description :

i) Evaluation of class work : 20% including: * Quizzes: 10%. * Home work assignment: 10%. ii) Written mid-term exam @ 9th Week: 20%. iii) Short reports & presentation: 10%. iv) Final Examination: 50%.

Course assessment :

Charles G. Salmon. John E. Johnson and Faris A. Malhas, \” Steel Structures: Design and Behavior,\’ 5th Edition, Prentice hall, 2008.

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