CM 202 - concrete materials

wegdan wagdy

Course lecturer :

  • abd el allem magdy
  • nada hossam

Course assistant :

To enable students to:

1- Deduce concrete materials and thei basic properties including aggregate ,cement, admixtures.

2- Design a concrete mix.

3- Gain a knowledge of mechanical and physical properties.

4- Gain a knowledge of concrete durability.

5- Be familiar with the experimental procedure to conduct testing on such materials.

Course objectives :

The course introduces an overview of concrete components (cement, aggregate, water and admixtures), concrete at early ages (hydration, curing and fresh concrete properties), mechanical behavior of concrete, concrete mix design, factors affecting concrete properties, durability of concrete.

Course description :

Final Exam: 50% Midterm Exam: 20% Assignments (homework assignments, quizzes, reports, presentations and laboratory work): 30%

Course assessment :

  • Mehta and Monterio, \”Concrete: Structure, Properties and Materials\”, 3rd Edition, McGrawhill, 2006.

Recommended text books :

  • \”Deformation and fracture mechanics of engineering materials\”, 4th Edition, R.W. Hertzberg-John Wileg and sons.

Recommended refrences :