BE204/EB204 - Engineering Mathematics (4)

Mohamed Naim Yehia Anwar

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

In addition to achieve the intended learning outcomes, this course will provide the students to the following:

a) The Laplace Transform

b) Fourier Series

c) Vector analysis.

b) Line integrals, triple integrals in various coordinate systems

Course objectives :

This course gives a brief review on: The Laplace transform, Fourier Series, the differential calculus and related fundamental concepts of functions of several variables. It introduces the concept of vector functions, divergence and curl and their implication in engineering applications. It gives an account to the following topics: line integrals, surface and volume integrals in different coordinate systems. It introduces the Stokes and Green theorem and their applications

Course description :

i) Semester work: 60% distributed as follows:

a) Quizzes: 15%

b) Assignments: 10%

c) Activity reports: 5%

d) Midterm exam: 20%

ii) Final Examination: 50%

Course assessment :

  • Erwin Kreyszig” Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, 10th Ed, Wiley & Sons, 2005

Recommended text books :

  • Peter O’Neil “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, Thompson, 2013

Recommended refrences :