BE102 – Engineering Mathematics (2)

  • Dr. Abdel Azeem Mohamed

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Abdel Rahman Magdy
  • Eng. Fayza El-Amrawy
  • Eng. Hanan El-Gammal
  • Eng. Hazem Nomeir
  • Eng. Huda Fawzy
  • Eng. Ingy El-Torgoman

Course assistant :

To enable students to: 1- Gain a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the mathematics. 2- Practice the Anti-derivatives. 3- Define the basic concepts used in integration for practical problems. 4- Explain the concepts behind limits and derivatives. 5- List integration of different mathematical functions, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions. 6- Adapt different methods of integration. 7- Detect how to integrate basic functions. 8- Construct reduction formula. 9- Describe an engineering problem in terms of derivative.

Course objectives :

This course in the Calculus of one variable includes: introduction of integration with applications to area and volumes of revolution, further development of integration, transcendental functions, inverse trigonometric and logarithmic functions, techniques of integration, and applications which include centroids. Other topic covered as introduction to differential equations, change of axes and conic sections.

Course description :

Lecture Quizzes & Reports: 14%. Tutorial Quizzes & Assignments: 10%. Practical works (MATLAB): 6%. Midterm written exam: 20%. Final written exam: 50%.

Course assessment :

Robert A. Adams, “Calculus: A Complete Course,” 6th edition, Pearson Education, Canada, 2010.

Recommended text books :

Edwards & Penny, “Calculus and Analytic Geometry”.

Recommended refrences :