AE 347 - Interior Design

  • Dr. Ingy Naguib
  • Dr. Maha Abdel-wahab

Course lecturer :

  • TA. Taghreed Ahmed

Course assistant :

enable students to explain the interior design profession and identify the interior design process.

Course objectives :

List elements of interior design and describe technical aspects of interior design projects. Understand the visual characteristics of different materials and mediums and gain professional skills with considerable approach.

Course description :

Drop Quizzes / Open discussions 10% In class evaluations : Assignments / researches / projects 25% Mid-term written exam 15% Final written exam 50%

Course assessment :

– Doyle Michael E., “Color Drawing: Design Skills edition”, John Wiley &Sons. Canada, (2007). – Ching, Francis D.K and Corky Binggeli,.”Interior Design Illustrated”, 2nd edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Canada, (2005). – De Chiara, J., Panero, J., and Zelnik, M., “Time -saver standards for interior design and space planning”, McGraw-Hill, Inc., U.S.A, (1991).

Recommended text books :

– Pable, Hill B., “Sketching interiors at the speed of thought”, .NewYork: Fair Child Publishers, (2004). – Ching, Francis D.K, “Architectural Graphics” , 4th edition , John Wiley,Canada, (2003).

Recommended refrences :