AE 232 – Site Planning

Dr. Maha A. Abdel-Wahab

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

This lecture course will focus on process and design criteria of site planning. It also provides a basic understanding of the analysis of environmental, physical, visual, social, economical and legal aspects of site planning. It provides guidance for site planning procedures and for preparing a Site Plan: (land- buildings- Infrastructure elements- landscape elements-…….).

Course objectives :

This course includes introduction, background, general definitions, requirements for site planning design layout, site planning process, site analysis, visual analysis, the design criteria for site planning in detail: (vehicular circulation and parking)- (pedestrian circulation)- (landscape)- (water)- (lighting)- (Pattern of ground)- (signs)- (Kiosks)- (shelters)- (barriers).

Course description :

1. Midterm Exam 20 % 2. Quizzes (5-6) 10 % 3. Assignments 10 % 4. Mini projects 10 % 5. Final Exam 50%

Course assessment :

Chiara , J. and Koppelman, L. E., (1984), Time Saver Standards for Site Planning, McGraw-Hill Companies. Lynch, K. And Hack, G., (1984), Site Planning, The MIT Press, U.S.A Russ, T. H., (2002), Site Planning and Design Handbook, McGraw-Hill, U.S.A. Strom, F. S., Nathan, K. and Woland, A. S., (2004), Site Engineering for Landscape Architects, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , U.S.A

Recommended text books :

Motloch, J. L.; \”Introduction to Landscape Design\”, John Wiley & Sons, U.S.A, (2001). Rubenstein H.M.; \”A Guide to Site Planning and Landscape Construction\”, John Wiley & Sons, (1996). Simonds, J. O.; \”Landscape Architecture: A Manual of Site Planning and Design\”, McGraw-Hill Professional; 3rd edition, (1997).

Recommended refrences :