EA442 – Theories of Architecture 4

Dr. Riham Nady

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

To enable students to:
1. Provide students with the specialist knowledge necessary for engineering carrier in architectural Design field.
2. Demonstrate theoretical knowledge and have practical skills and personal attributes and competencies that will be required for architectural design position in the international architectural design field.
3. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the economic, environmental, political, social and technological influences which relate to the architectural design field.
4. Demonstrate an ability to initiate and sustain in-depth research relevant to architectural design.
5. Have an opportunity to put theory into practice via work-based learning.

Course objectives :

This course introduces students to the roots, influences and evolution of contemporary architectural movements, study of architectural philosophy of modern architecture pioneers, principles of criticism for art and architecture and evaluation of architecture projects and the current trends in the 21st century and future prospects.

Course description :

– Quizzes and class works 20%
– Research 25%
– Mid-term written exam 15%
– Final written exam 40%

Course assessment :

  1. Frampton, Kenneth. (2007). “Modern Architecture: A Critical History”. London: Thames and Hudson.
  2. Ching, Jarzombek. (2006). “A Global History of Architecture”. London: John Wiley and Sons.
  3. Steel, James. (2001). “Architecture Today”. New York: Phaidon Press.

Recommended text books :

  1. Radford, Antony. (2014). “The Elements of Modern Architecture: Understanding Contemporary Buildings”. London: Thames and Hudson.
  2. Gazey, Katja. (2010). “Modern Architecture A-Z”. London: Taschen.
  3. Gossel, Peter. (2005). “Architecture in the 20th Century”. London: Taschen.
  4. Cranston, Jones. (1961). “Architecture Today and Tomorrow”. London: McGraw-Hill.

Recommended refrences :