ES 605 – Internet Language

  • Ms. Mayada Elkayal

Course lecturer :

  • N/A

Course assistant :

  • Memorize the most important terms used in the field of the Internet.
  • Recognize different types of search engines and types of social media
  • Compose simple online chats in Spanish language using chat language.
  • Improve the student\’s academic search skills.

Course objectives :

A course in Spanish as a first Language aims to explain and teach the most common used terms in the Internet. Learn how to make academic search using Search engines and how to make a conversation using online chat language

Course description :

Assignments / home works every week Quiz in week 6 Midterm exam in week 8 Group presentation in week 11 Final exam in week 15

Course assessment :

David Crystal, Lenguaje e Internet, Madrid : Cambridge University Press, 2002

Recommended text books :

  • 1. J. R. Belda Medina, El lenguaje de la informática e Internet y su traducción (Spanish Edition). Ed. Kindle 2009
  • 2. Jaime Restrero, Computadoras para todos (3a edición): Edición ampliada con más información sobre el Internet (Vintage Espanol) (Spanish Edition) (Paperback)

Recommended refrences :