ES 602 – Essay & Reading

Ms. Mayada Elkayal

Course lecturer :


Course assistant :

This course aims to Acquiring the ability to write an article in Spanish on the subjects specified in the course, with a general overview of the application on the basis of the correct writing.

Course objectives :

On completion of this course, students will be able to: • To know how to write an article with integrated elements. • To understand what is read, and explain, and accurately enumerate elements. • To summarize any article and express his views, and write on any subject in a sound language and identify the most important signs, and assess them.

Course description :

  • Assignments / home works every week Midterm exam in week 8 Quiz & group work in week 11 Final exam in week 15

Course assessment :

Colección “Lecturas clásicas graduadas”. Nivel I, II, III .Ed. Edelsa 2010.

Recommended text books :

ABC. Libro de estilo de ABC. Barcelona: Ariel, 1995.

Recommended refrences :