Es 402 – Latin American Literature I

Dr. Nesreen Ahmed Abdel Hamid

Course lecturer :


Course assistant :

This course aims to provide a study of the features of the Latin American civilization prior to the Spanish invasion, the link between pre-Hispanic culture and the post-Spanish period, the study of the transformation of dogmatic thought in Latin America from Paganism to Christianity, and its impact on literary and social life in Latin America.

Course objectives :

• To know the literature of Latin America before the discovery. • To identify the characteristics of this period historically and morally, and on the movement of poetry in the 16th century. • To increase its cultural achievements and obtain the latest information through the Internet.

Course description :

Mid Term Exam 20 (week 8) Assignments & quizzes 20 Final written exam 60

Course assessment :

José Manuel Cabrales, Guillermo Hernandez, Literatura española y Latinoamericana 1, Madrid, SGEL, 2009.

Recommended text books :

Brynt, Shasta. A selective bibliography of bibliographies of Hispanic American litera- ture. Washington, Pan American Union, 1960.

Recommended refrences :